Waves In The Sky…

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Photos
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Tiff and I were sitting out on the deck the other night, enjoying some of the warm (hot) weather that we have been experiencing the last couple weeks. These clouds came rolling in and I just had to snap some pictures.

  1. Richard Head says:

    Wow, that car is surfing those clouds!!

  2. Wayne Kerr says:

    @Richard Head

    You may think you are being funny, but I think that Adam’s photos are actually showing some real professionalism here. I don’t appreciate comments from disposable camera jockeys like you who try and belittle people’s hard work.

    Thanks much,


    • Richard Head says:

      Wayne, you need to relax. I was just pointing out the creativity in Adam’s photographs, maybe you lack imagination. It’s people like you who ruin the reputation of amateur photographers by catagorizing “disposable camera jockeys” when you are infact unaware of their abilities.


      • Wayne K says:

        That’s rich, Rich.

        It truly is the instagram age when a professional photographer of 20 plus years has to put up with insults like this.

        I have been very supportive of this blog and think the photos here are very developed in their composition and color range. Maybe you should put up some of your own photos so we can all discuss your “creativity” sometime.

        Till then, ciao


  3. acecchetto says:

    Now now gentlemen, although I am flattered that my images are worth arguing over, I think that we can set the differences aside and just enjoy my amazing photographs! 😉

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