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Besides getting a really awesome, really big early birthday present (my T3i), my little man (14 months old) decided that I shouldn’t have to lug around a square, non-ergonomic camera bag when we go up to camp or for our impending trip to Europe later this summer.

Just like his father, he can appreciate a good bargain and loves to buy things on sale! Today a box was delivered to me at work that contained this… The Clik Elite Impulse Sling (

As you can see by the photos below, there is a main pocket on the top (good for a light jacket and other misc items). The DSLR pocket can hold a ProBody SLR with a telephoto lens and either two smaller lenses or one medium lens, and a flash at a minimum. The DSLR pocket is also modifiable by rearranging the dividers. There is a zippered pocket at the bottom that can store filters, memory cards and pretty well anything else that is generally flat. Finally, there are two mesh pockets, one that can be used as a tripod/water bottle holder, and the other to store misc other stuff.

Amazon Canada is having an amazing sale right now, with all the Clik Elite stuff up to 60% off. Maybe it’s time that you get a new pack?! I am really looking forward to putting this one through it’s paces. I will post my first impressions once I have the opportunity to use it! 🙂